Three Hours Countdown

CMLT is to be listed on within three hours' time. The countdown begins, with only three hours left before CMLT is available to be traded publicly on a CEX platform. Being already live on DEX platform's such as the likes of PancakeSwap, CMLT is fulfilling its pledges in joining a CEX exchange before the end of 2021.

CamelToken is also in talks with another huge CEX platform, and aiming to expand its portfolio there too within the weeks in January 2022. For more info: Telegram: Twitter: Facebook: BSCScan: Website: CMLT's MotherCompany is Camel Universal Group Limited, an investments company registered within the United Kingdom. Projects that CMLT will pursue, include but are not limited to:

CamelTransfer - a faster and easier alternative to Western Union. CamelSwap - a DEX exchange similar to PancakeSwap

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