HotBit Lists CamelToken - The Arabian Crypto Currency

Updated: Jan 14

HotBit will list CMLT on 17th January 2022, two weeks after joining XT. The Crypto Currency of the Arabs has no standstill since launch, joining the likes of XT, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap within the past few weeks.

CamelToken has joined XT - late December 2021, and has reached new highs in doing so. Hotbit will be its second CEX exchange within a one-month-period of joining XT.

HotBit, a leading exchange with millions of weekly users is downloadable in the Google and Apple stores. CamelToken launched on 8th July 2021. CamelToken is working hard to get CamelTransfer fully up and running, a service similar to what Western Union provides, but swifter and cheaper. Users are able to buy CMLT and transfer it around the world, and have their parties withdraw it as cash.

CamelSwap, is another feature that the CMLT team promises to deliver in the future, a DEX exchange that will function similar to PancakeSwap - enabling investors to swap Smart Chain contracts to other BEP-20 tokens. CamelToken's mother company is Camel Universal Group Limited, an investments company that is registered in the UK. The mother company specialises in investing in small and medium sized businesses, and accepts CMLT as a method of payment within them. A series of its investments include and are not limited to - restaurant and garage chains. Since its launch, CamelToken has gained over 8,000 investors within its first 6months, and now that is available on a number of exchanges and listing websites such as the likes of CG and CMC, CMLT's investors are growing greater by the minute. "The crypto of the Arabs will not be limited on its progress, we aspire to become the number one token within the Middle East" said its CEO Ahmad EL KHALAF. Learn more by visiting CMLT's website, Telegram and Twitter. Contact info: Name: Media Relations Email: Organisation: Camel Universal Group Limited Website:

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