CoinMarketCap Lists CMLT

The biggest entrusted crypto listing site has listed CamelToken

#CamelToken has had a fabulous journey over the past few weeks: - Listed on a big cex exchange: XT - In talks with a number of other exchanges - Listed on CoinGecko - Listed on CoinMarketCap. At the early hours of January the 5th 2022, CMC has listed CMLT on its respected platform. CMLT has worked sleepless nights in order to provide the correct requirements for the listing procedure. Upon its listing, CamelToken has reached new highs, it was stable at around 0.0105, but reached 0.09. Rising over 750%, then later gradually made its way down to 0.0215 to an area where it is near stable again, so over 120% high. CamelToken is the first cryptocurrency of the Arabs, representing that rich Middle East with its famous mascot: the camel. CMLT is working to cut through middle-businesses such as Western Union in order to provide a cheaper and swifter money transfer experience, along with working on its DEX - CamelSwap in the background, it is working to make cryptocurrency trading with the Arabs more accessible.

CamelToken has gained over 1,500 investors within the past few days, and is dealing with volumes between 40,000 - 900,000 USD on a daily basis. CMLT will be joining another CEX exchange within the next two weeks.

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