CamelTransfer's First Transfer

CamelTransfer's first money transfer has took place today the first of February, 2022.

CamelToken's soft launch for CamelTransfer will be on the 15th February 2022. To get this up and ready for its building stages which will start mid-month, the CMLT team has made their first transfer of CMLT worth around $20,000 USD, and was ready for withdrawal within seconds of the deposit!

CamelToken aspires to become the number one cryptocurrency of trade within the wealthy Middle East. With projects that include and are not limited to CamelTransfer, CamelSwap and CamelExchange, working towards that goal is becoming closer and closer. CamelToken is up and running in two big exchanges: HotBit and XT. CMLT is also listed on CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko, pledging to also join a MINIMUM of four exchanges by 2024.

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