CamelToken's Investors have Passed the 2,000 Mark

CMLT's investors have reached 2380, as of 6.30pm UK time.

Not long ago, CamelToken decided to pursue its journey to greatness. On the 8th of July 2021, CMLT went public, offering its crypto-tokens in return for financial investment. Displaying an optimistic image, of being the main token of the wealthy Middle East was CMLT's hopes for the near future. CMLT has gained 2380 investors to date, CMLT's ongoing work to fulfill its pledges has had a big impact on this. One of the pledges is to sign up 500 UK businesses by August 2023, as of which 13 UK businesses have been signed up so far. Another, is to get CamelTransfer up and running by October 2022, a procedure where customers are able to deposit CMLT and have their peers withdraw it as cash anywhere in the Middle East.

The CEO, Ahmad El Khalaf has stated: "It is of great importance to keep our pledges being worked towards, as this will increase our credibility and integrity. Our investors are investing in us, in our vision and in our paths, therefore we will keep this bull persona going to great lengths. CamelToken will be the main crypto of the Arabs, and their platform". Be sure to keep up to date with our news and updates.

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