CamelToken In Talks with Binance & Joining Probit within Weeks

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

CamelToken is to be listed on Probit within weeks, and CMLT is in talks with the number 1 and biggest ever exchange in the world: Binance. CMLT has been listed yesterday the 29th of December on, a big exchange within the Crypto-world. CMLT has then received constant contact by big exchanges and interested investors, this all started after a successful AMA interview with where tens of thousands of interested investors followed a live interview between the Founder of CMLT: Mr Ahmad EL KHALAF &


The successful QNA that followed that has had a great impact on the CMLT Token value, as CMLT has risen over 200%, reaching new highs of 0.0094 to the US dollar. CamelToken was then shortly contacted by the number 1 exchange in the world: Binance.

The official Binance Listing team that were risk assessed by the CamelToken, has confirmed its interest in listing CamelToken, the token of the Arab Middle East. Stating that they were overloaded with requests from their users to have CMLT listed. CamelToken is now in talks about listing procedures, and a possible IEO launch to fund CamelToken's CamelTransfer project; the base project that CMLT relies on to rival Western Union in crypto transfers, and cash withdrawals. CamelToken is also in the process to be listed on ProBit, an exchange that has over 500,000 users. Contracts are being signed, and expected for launch within the next few weeks.

CMLT has much to accomplish, and yet again proves to the world that it truly does work to fulfil its pledges, and comforts its investors by stating "We are still in the beginning steps of our very long and successful journey".

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