CamelToken Accepted as Method of Payment

Camel Universal Group Limited (CUGL) the mother company for the CamelToken Crypto Currency has opened its doors to accept CamelToken (CMLT) as method of payment in its restaurant chains. CEO - Ahmad EL KHALAF, has stated that "this was a long awaited step that we have finally put into action. Paying for items or services within our businesses has never been easier, with a click of a button, CMLT can be your payment currency... We will embed this payment method with our business associates and partners, so that CamelToken can grow even further and reach further milestones".

When asked about their future plans, EL KHALAF stated that the next step along with growing their investments portfolio is entering a number of exchanges - a platform where the global sphere is able to buy and sell a variety of crypto currencies. CMLT has entered the crypto market formally on July the 8th of 2021, and so far has gained the four figure number of investors, surpassing the 7,000 mark. You are able to gather this information on the 'Google' of Crypto Currencies -

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