7th Business Signs up With CamelToken (CMLT)

CamelToken signs up its 7th UK business, making it's way towards its 500 business pledge by August 2023.

CMLT, the crypto currency that aspires to become the digital token of the Middle East - hence the camel - has started signing up businesses at the beginning of this month, August 2021, aiming to reach its milestone of 500 UK businesses by August 2023. Erdem Supermarket in Hornsey, North London - is amongst the latest businesses to sign up with CamelToken. Now, CMLT has a mixture of clients that include Restaurants, Takeaways, Garages, Supermarkets and Barbershops; expanding CMLT's business portfolio to greater lengths.

Ensure to keep up with us on our journey of signing up 500 UK businesses with CMLT by 2023! For the previous six businesses, please view the attached video:

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